Delta Plus

Delta Plus 1.8m self-retracting fall arrest with karabiner and scaffold hook #AN106

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Self retractable fall arrester with 19.5 mm webbing with energy absorber.
Polyamide housing.
2 Swivels with fall indicator.
1 removable connector.
1 aluminium hook, 51 mm-opening.
Straps: Polyethylene/Polyester.
Housing: Polyamide.
Hook: Aluminium.
Short vertical movement or movement on inclined surface (less than 3 m)Short vertical movement or movement on inclined surface (less than 3 m)
Short horizontal movement (less than 3 m)Short horizontal movement (less than 3 m)
Vertical movement on a permanent structureVertical movement on a permanent structure
Long movement with multi connection /disconnectionLong movement with multi connection /disconnection

Horizontal use

Ideal for work in any direction


Use in Factor 2

Security at any anchor point


Tested at 140 kg

No problem related to the weight of the tools transported or other


No more thinking about the fall factor. This device can be used at any anchor point.

REGULATION (EU) 2016/425 REGULATION (EU) 2016/425


EN365 : 2004 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – General requirements for the instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging.  


EN360:2002 Personal protection equipment against falls from a height - Self-retractable fall arrester  

  140kg Additional special requirements

RFU PPE-R/11.060 V1 Horizontal use on edges (TYPE A), of retractable type fall arresters. 


RFU PPE-R/11.085 V1 Use of retractable type fall arresters in factor 2 and/or including a retractation locking system. 

  F2 Device usable in factor 2.



EN363 : 2018 Personal protection equipment against falls from a height - Personal systems for protection against falls.  


EN364 : 1992 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height : Test methods.  

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