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Permabond 2-part nylon bond 2:1 adhesive dual cartridge/nozzle 50ml #TA4660

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Nylon is a popular engineering plastic with widespread use throughout the automotive, electronic and general assembly industries in a broad range of applications. It is a very versatile, high-strength, lightweight and low-cost plastic but it is also very challenging to bond. Permabond’s team of development chemists have come up with a solution – TA4660 structural acrylic adhesive. This product not only produces high-strength bonds on filled and unfilled nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 but in pull tests, the nylon fails before the adhesive!

This two-part adhesive is easy to dispense via a dual cartridge with static mixing nozzle. Full cure is achieved at room temperature, so no need for any hand mixing, weighing or oven curing.  Permabond TA4660 is ideal for bonding nylon to nylon but can also be used for adhering nylon to various metals, forming a high-strength bond on aluminium, steel and many other metallic surfaces.  Its toughened matrix helps give it high peel and impact strength and absorbs any differential thermal expansion and contraction stress without causing the bond to fracture.

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